Robotic Pipette Tips

Posted by anna on April 20, 2022

If you need to transfer liquids between two samples, robotic pipette tips will be your best choice. These tips allow you to deliver the smallest volume with the most precision, thereby reducing the risk of experiment failures and maximizing the efficiency of your work. In addition to standard tips, you can also purchase specialized robotic pipette tips that are specifically designed for DNA, RNA, or infectious samples.

If you need to use a robotic pipette, you will want to invest in a quality one. For example, the NanoScreen line of robotic pipette tips are designed for precise measurements and precise results. Their pipettes are produced under strict clean room conditions and tested for straightness and uniformity. Each tip is designed to be loaded and disassembled smoothly with no problems. And, to ensure the safety of your robotic pipette and the accuracy of your results, NanoScreen also ensures that their tips meet 8 important quality standards.

If you're looking for a disposable pipette tip, you can purchase one from Agilent. This pipette tip is optimized for the Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform and the AssayMAP Bravo head. Moreover, each robotic pipette tip undergoes extensive QC testing and functional performance testing to ensure consistent quality and performance. Moreover, the robotic tips are designed to solve common issues with disposable pipette tips, such as static buildup. And, unlike the other products, they're certified for use only on Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling instruments.

As you can see, pipettes have many applications. For example, they are commonly used in laboratory settings for DNA, RNA, and cell cultures. Similarly, they're also used for sterility tests. Generally, pipettes come with different types of tips that are designed for different applications. These tips are made of hydrophobic materials, which means that they transfer liquid out of the pipette with minimal volume loss. And low retention is important if you want to keep the volume of a test sample stable.

For the most accurate results, robotic pipette tips should be filtered using a sterile PE sintered filter. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, the tips are made of virgin PP, which offers good chemical resistance and transparency. Innovative designs ensure good sealing and flexibility. Moreover, low-retention robotic pipette tips are designed with a super-fine molding technology to ensure minimum liquid retention. The tips are compatible with various pipettors. If you're unsure which model to use, check with the manufacturer for compatibility. Pipette tip refill system is available for filter pipette and non-filter pipette. Tip Loader is a fully automatical pipette tip sorting device specially designed for bulk pipette tip refill.

Oxford Pipette

The Oxford Benchmate pipette is a general-purpose hand-held instrument that can be autoclaved. The innovative barrel design allows users to avoid dead air space, allowing them to access the bottom of test tubes while avoiding the danger of tip contamination. It also has a convenient disposal point for used pipette tips. Its lightweight design is ergonomic and reduces operator fatigue. Its digital display makes it easy to read and follows your measurements, which is ideal for long-term use.

The BenchMate line of pipette instruments is another excellent choice. This line of pipette devices are lightweight and ergonomically designed for left-handed users. It features hyper-blowout technology to ensure accurate, reproducible pipetting. It charges within two hours while not in use. The benchmate E is also available in left-hand and right-hand versions. For more than 30 years, Oxford has been supplying quality pipettes to researchers worldwide.

The BenchMate electronic pipette from Oxford Lab Products offers a lightweight design with ergonomic controls. It has a built-in power-save and Intelli charging battery for consistent results over time. Its tip cone is compatible with universal pipette tips. The benchmate range includes BenchMate Single Channel Pipette, BenchMate Multichannel Pipette, and BenchMate Light Mechanical Pipette. The BenchMate E is password-protected for added security.

Oxford Lab Products makes a range of universal pipette tips that are guaranteed to be inhibitor-free and compatible with most pipettes on the market. Its tips are made from high-quality polypropylene and are FDA-approved. Oxford pipete tips are also produced in fully automatic human touch-free facilities that follow strict manufacturing standards. Ultimately, your satisfaction is ensured with the Oxford pipette that you buy.

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