Pathkit VTM and VLTM Viral Transport Medium Kits

Posted by anna on March 2, 2022

PathKits is a leading supplier of ICMR approved viral transport medium kits. It has an extensive distribution network and has an export license for worldwide export. These kits are suitable for all kinds of viruses including COVID-19. These testing kits are available in a range of volumes and are highly suitable for the collection and transportation of samples of this disease. The ICMR recommended collection and transport of COVID-19 samples.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of VTM kits in India. With the help of local resources and materials approved by the World Health Organization, it is able to manufacture high-quality and affordable VTM kits for use by the massive population in India. The pathkit team has extensive experience in manufacturing VTM and has perfected the process to ensure quality and optimum viability. The company also works in collaboration with clinical microbiologists and researchers to provide expert support. The innovative concept of the company is based on the idea of delivering healthcare solutions to those who need it most.

The company is the largest supplier of VTM kits in India. The company sells more than 50 million VTM kits, and is one of the most trusted brands in this sector. The ICMR has approved Pathkits' manufacturing processes, and they have been using the latest technologies to develop their products. Moreover, Pathkits employs a team of medical professionals who are passionate about developing the best healthcare solutions. In fact, the team at Pathkits has successfully sold over 50 million kits in India.

The Pathkit VTM kit contains three ml of a culture medium in a 15-ml tube. This test kit is recommended for use for the collection of COVID-19 samples. The Pathkit VLTM kit is made in India and has been proven to have a 96.6% sensitivity in clinical studies. Its success is largely attributed to its low cost. There are a lot of other benefits to the Pathkit VTM kits, but these are the main advantages.

Pathkits has a wide distribution network in India. They are backed by a dedicated team of medical experts and visionary founders. With over 50 million VTM kits in circulation, they are a leading supplier of VTM and have the largest VTM kit inventory in the country. These kits are widely used in clinical laboratories and can be used in emergency situations as well. In addition to that, Pathkits also produce and distribute many other types of laboratory equipment.

While VTM is widely used in research laboratories, it is not yet a routine diagnostic method. It relies on the expertise of clinical microbiologists and medical specialists. With Pathkits' expertise and extensive distribution network, it is the most efficient and cost-effective VTM kits in India. With over 50 million VTM kits, they have become the leading provider of viral transport medium in the country. Its unique design enables scientists to collect and analyze samples efficiently.


Influenza Viral Transport Media

Viral transport media, or VTM, are the recommended specimens for testing influenza virus. They are not considered "molecular media" by manufacturers, but are suitable for handling specimens of this type. Some of the available viral transport media are Copan, Becton Dickinson's universal transport media, Puritan UniTranz, Thermofisher M4 and Starplex Scientific Multitrans. COVID-19 testing is also acceptable when specimens are collected using ESwabs.

The UTM is a FDA-cleared collection system for clinical specimens containing viruses. It is also recommended for long-term freeze-staging clinical specimens. The medium contains sterile, screw-cap tubes for easy transportation and preservation. The product retains viability of the organism for 48 hours. In the event that samples are not immediately available, the carrier can be replaced with another one. The carrier should be kept refrigerated until it is received at the laboratory.

The Viral Transport Medium is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to traditional ELISA testing. The ELISA test, performed by the same laboratory, is available through a mail-order service. Unlike other types of tests, the ELISA results are ready within two to four days. The sensitivity of the tests depends on the urgency of the testing procedure and the demand at the time. The transport time to the LabCorp facilities depends on the number of samples.

LabCorp recommends using the NP or OP swabs soaked in sterile normal saline. The swabs should be inserted over the tonsillar pillars, with the posterior oropharynx avoided. The swabs should not be touching the tongue, teeth, or gums. The swabs should be placed into the viral transport medium and broken along the indicator line. The caps should be firmly screwed on.

To avoid contamination, it is recommended to ship samples frozen. If possible, it is important to send frozen specimens. The viral transport medium is also used to send samples. However, it is best to receive the results within 72 hours of collection. The sample should be sent to the laboratory after collection. The viral transport medium should be shipped to your clinic in sterile normal saline. The lab will deliver the results electronically.

The UTM (r) is an FDA-cleared collection system for viral-containing clinical specimens. It is ideal for transportation, preservation, and long-term freeze-dried samples. It is supplied in a plastic screw cap tube and keeps the organism viable for 48 hours. It is not suitable for use in isolation of Mycoplasma. When it is used for Mycoplasma culture, it must be stored in a refrigerated environment.

After being incubated for 48 hours, viral transport medium must be transferred to a refrigerated container. The specimen must be transferred to a laboratory that uses a refrigerator. The temperature of the UTM should be maintained between 2o and 8o C. During the transfer process, the virus transport medium is kept at room temperature for four hours. If you are transferring respiratory pathogen samples, you must store them at room temperature for 48 hours.

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